coco bar vienna

Step into the beating heart of Vienna's nightlife and discover our hidden gem. Located in a vibrant district, our bar is where the city comes alive after dark. Indulge in our array of expertly mixed cocktails while grooving to the sounds of live music performances and electrifying sets by talented DJs. Our dedicated staff ensures every visit is memorable, offering warm hospitality and impeccable service. With affordable prices and an atmosphere that buzzes with energy, there's no better place to experience the magic of Vienna's nightlife scene

... let´s dance

our state-of-the-art sound system ensures every note is crystal clear and every bassline is felt deep within your soul. Get ready to lose yourself in the music at our bar, where every sound is pure perfection

I remember that moment vividly, walking in and hearing that song that quickly had my feet tapping along, and that energy rising, coursing through my abdomen, and finally pouring out of my mouth, singing along with people who just a moment before were strangers to me..

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The music will nourish your soul as you enjoy an excellent selection of classic cocktails

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For years, Vienna has been decorated to please all our senses. Inspired by the work of Otto Wagner, the architect of this magnificent infrastructure where the bar is located, we wanted to pay homage to his architecture, classical and yet revolutionary, contradictory: delicate and functionalist, modern and traditionalist. Only in this way can we perpetuate ourselves and survive what is fashionable.

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